Brand Management, Album Launches, and Time…


So let’s start backwards with time…where does it go and how have I not blogged for 17 days?!? Work and life have both taken over and i have no idea where the last 2 and a half weeks have gone to be honest, all i know is that i’ve been busy enjoying time with the love of my life and working my ass off at the last of The Baby Show’s taking place this Summer. I must try and blog at least once a week as it is quite therapeutic.

I did read an interesting blog post from Hannah Gale today which made me think that my life isn’t all about work – it’s an important part but it’s not everything and i would much rather live a life surrounded by the people who love me, and lots of laughter…

Nobody on their deathbed ever says that they wished that they had worked more. Any dying regrets will be that they loved harder, lived fuller and embarked on more adventures. Remember that when you’re beating yourself up about your career or lack of. Your work should always be to fund your lifestyle and happiness and not to be the epicentre of your universe. If you’re moping because your career plan just ain’t happening, get a grip. Go on holiday with friends or have a boozy barbecue with family. Don’t ever forget to think about and prioritise what makes you happy. – Hannah Gale

This week sees the very exciting launch of the much anticipated Coldplay album – Ghost Stories – and I am a massive fan of it already. Releasing Magic a few months ago has made this one of the biggest album launches of the year, the buzz generated around this has been out of this world and for it to go to number one within 24 hours of being released must be a pretty amazing feeling for the band, I can’t see myself tiring of them anytime soon. Here’s one of my favourite tracks off this stunning album

I recently had my 6 monthly appraisal and must admit i was quite surprised with the outcome but also with the realisation of what I actually wanted out of my career. I realised that i do care about the brand and i want to ensure it remains true to its core values. The only way to do it is manage it across all channels to ensure it’s being communicated consistently by everyone associated with the brand and to also make sure there is no negativity out there – which i know is impossible but maybe it’s time we turned all the negative, whinging, whining, moaning comments out there into positives. I mean why do people whinge about a brand? Is it the service received? Are they really unhappy with the product? Why are they unhappy? Or are they just bored and like to cause trouble? Part of my role is to manage the social media and the majority of messages i see on the Facebook page makes me think if they have actually have nothing better to do as it’s always the same people having a moan. I guess once these questions have been answered, the brand perception can be changed for the better. Looks like i’ve got a major challenge on my hands – one that i can’t wait to get stuck into!

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